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The lasted inovation on mobile wallets

The lasted inovation on mobile wallets

LIBREXCOIN is the world´s first crypto currency to combine Prof of Stake (POS) and an Android Wallet. You can stake coins on your android device with simplicity super fast syncing and high performance.



LIBREXCOIN also released a fully functional and intuitive IOS mobile wallet that supports staking. The IOS mobile wallet also has a QR scanner function. Its now available from Cyndia and soon to be release on the official Apple Store. The app is currently pendening approval on Apple Store.

The lasted inovation on mobile wallets

librexcoin atm machine

LIBREXCOIN is working in two ATM models. We'll spread some machines in high traffic and busy perdestrian areas as well as established bitcoin atm centers. Thus allowing LibrexCoin to be recognized as an alternative to bitcoin that will allow people to buy Librexcoin with ease. An ATM machine has the advantage of enabling the purchase of Librexcoin in less time than in a conventional exchange.

What is Librexcoin?

Librexcoin is a fast, safe and decentralized P2P crypto currency with a true decentralized anonymity resource, Librexcoin sources include the zerocoin library for native zerocash protocol support.

About Librexcoin

Why Librexcoin is so awesome

Global P2P network

Librexcoin is a global p2p network and fully decentralized.


LibrexSend is new technology to anonymity by bluetooth.

Staking Mobile Wallets

First mobile wallets for Android an iOS with staking function.

ATM Machine

Buy Librexcoins by ATM machine!