Librexcoin Wallet

LIBREXCOIN wallet is what allows you to send coin transactions with other users. LIBREXCOIN offers for free various possibilities for storing LIBREXCOIN through one of our wallet models. All LIBREXCOIN wallets have been carefully developed so that you can send and receive simple LIBREXCOIN transactions as simple as e-mail and all wallets can interoperate with each other.

LIBREXCOIN, also features our unique and innovative models of mobile wallets with Staking Abilities. You can always have your LIBREXCOINS with you in your pocket and on the go! You can pay quickly by scanning a QR code. As a merchant, you will receive payments reliably and instantaneously.

LIBREXCOIN MOBILE SOLUTION™ is the first mobile wallet with Staking abilities in the world. Many great features including network monitoring, exchange rates and a widget to help you track your balance are in the process of integration.

Treat your mobile wallet the way you would a wallet of physical cash. It’s not really meant for storing your entire savings of LIBREXCOIN even though it can but rather just what you may want to spend. This mainly because if you accidently lost your phone you could also end up loosing all your coins too. We also recommend making a backup any of your LIBREXCOIN wallets for just such a case.